Wednesday, February 19, 2014


          Darts, a game that requires three dart pins, and a board that has a standard measure of 18 inches in diameter.Once mistaken as a game of chance, Darts has proven it's place in the league of games played by athletes around the world. Like other sports, it takes a lot of time and discipline to master or at least do better good in this sport. Not like other sport, like basketball, baseball or volleyball, that requires large venues to properly execute there strategies and game plays, darts only need a wall or a post where the board can be hanged and supported, preferably wood, for the reason of security. Darts is a  good way to exercise your accuracy and concentration. Darts from its humble beginnings, has now spread through out the world, with various reasons for playing, may it be for simple competition, tournaments, form of recreation, or simply to have fun.



             Britain, once planed to drop thousands of darts made from sewing machine needles to the Nazis. source